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VL Calais Front

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1VL Calais Front Empty VL Calais Front on Sun May 08, 2011 7:33 am


Well hey guys.

Been working on the car today, and the calais front has been playing up a fair bit and not lifting and shutting properly. It seemed a little tight.

So here we go on How to fix it.

Remove just the middle section from the car.

Remove the motor and linkages from the front itself.

Now when you were removing the linkages you proberly realised that some of the little pieces were hard to move. (NOTE: there are 6 pieces that are fixed, 3 on either side that hold the eyelids. DONT force them to move because you will break these.)

Ok now for the ones that are ment to move but are tight or stuck. Grab some carby/throttle body cleaner, give them a spray and move them from side to side. Once you are happy with how free it is, Spray a bit of CRC on the rod and move it back into position. Your done on that one! Move to the next. Once you have done all of them, put it back together and bingo. You fixed it.

Now your pop up lights should be easy to lift up and down when you turn your lights on and dont struggle as much.

Hope this helps some of you out. I will take some photos and post them up. Also I take no responsibility for your mistakes, breakages, or any of the like! You do this at your own risk!


I'm watching you! Wink

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