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Vl Turbo Conversion

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26Vl Turbo Conversion - Page 2 Empty Re: Vl Turbo Conversion on Fri Jan 14, 2011 12:07 am


only thing i can suggest to find out is pull one hose of a crank it over, take coil lead off.

See if it squirts out of the hose. If not its the other one.


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27Vl Turbo Conversion - Page 2 Empty Re: Vl Turbo Conversion on Sat May 21, 2011 7:40 am


Righto so im nearly settled after much moving etc and sorting my net out. been using my Mobile as a tethered bluetooth modem to get me by.

About a month back i took the L to a mates Exhaust shop and used a hoist for half the day. as i noticed an oil leak which was dropping off from my bellhousing. i immediately knew this was

the rear main was shot.. Hoping for just some loose Sump bolts or damaged sump gasket, sadly it wasn't.

So Gearbox out (trans oil was a little burnt oops) flywheel off and this is what i was confronted with

Vl Turbo Conversion - Page 2 Photo255

So out with the old and in with the new
Vl Turbo Conversion - Page 2 Photo256

Then while i was at it. Dumped the engine oil/filter, new input and output shaft seals on the box then bolted her back in. also ditched the old trans filter and installed a new one as well as tightened the front and rear bands.

Vl Turbo Conversion - Page 2 Photo254

Vl Turbo Conversion - Page 2 Photo258

Replaced fluids and away i go. Box is a lot more happy and i have no oil leak.Wooommmpppaaaaa Razz

Stupid me i should have done the tail-shaft Uni's and center bearing as well but i did not think that far ahead from the other things i was doing.

Cheers Guys...

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