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Upgrading Drum Rear Brakes To Disk Rears Vl COmmodore

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Howdy Guys
Here is a "How Too" on Upgrading Rear Brakes From Drum to Disk.

Safety as we all know when working on cars on Jacks and Stands. Please Secure Car Properly.

All parts are from a VN Commodore. Callipers X2, Rotors X2, Backing Plates X2(hand brake cable is not compatible) Flex Hoses X2
New Bearings+Collars, Seals To Suit Disk Rear End as Drum seals will leak Diff oil (Slightly thicker Seal)

Drums On, Car Jacked Up

Drums Off, Bolts Retaining Axles Out, Rip axles out(Best way Bolt on your Drum Backwards loose and yank like hell to slide them out.
Remove Handbrake Cable as this one dont work with disk rears. Need a Disk rear Handbrake Cable.
Axles Out
Collars and Bearings Removed

New Collars and Bearing Pressed on + Thicker seal(Disk Rear Seals) Need access to a press fellas. I used a mates one at his Motorbike Shop.

Bolt Backing Plates on, Slide in Axles Bolt in and put on Disk Rotor

Calliper Bolted on Re'route Brake lines and attach Flex Hoses., Bleed Brakes, Then Attach Handbrake Cable(Disk rear One)

Wheels on, Best to dump Diff oil and new gasket on rear cover and top up Diff oil.

Off Ya Go

Kept the Master Cylinder which is 15/16 and pedal feel is unbelievable compared to drum rears, Dont see the need to upgrade it to a 1" master cylinder, the Vn's used the 15/16 as well

Cheers lads
More Power = Better Stopping Power.


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good write up. Definately worth the work as drum brakes are terrible.

Im considering a VT upgrade so i'll write it up if i do it in a few months.

You had to change the handbrake cable though didn't you. Any more detail on that?

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Yeah pretty sure you have to man. Nath did a good job!


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hey guys any idea if putting the disc brakes on spaces the wheels out slightly i heard that it spaces them out 5mm each side. ive got a ford nine inch in my car and the wheels are rubbing on the inside when you go around corners . im guesing whe the diff was shortened they took too much out of it either that or it was made to take the disc brakes if im correct

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Hey man yeah u gotta source a Disk Rear Vl Handbrake Cable to suit. Vn is Too Long and Drum is wrong setup/mounting.
Ebay has them new for $110
or source from a wreckers.

PSIWPN in regards to your post i would not think it would space it further. if they are rubbing could u get spacers to move them out slightly. i know if the vl is lowered it pushed the diff across (left) causing scrubbing, but can be fixed with and Adjustable Panhard Rod.

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Well i have discs all round, so i dont need to do this.. i just thought i would mention it.

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ive already got an adjustable panhard rod on it , its been lowered but not that much still sits a bit high . i guess ill just have to put the disc brakes on it and see what happens

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