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How to wire up driving lights

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1How to wire up driving lights Empty How to wire up driving lights on Tue Nov 16, 2010 12:01 pm


The easiest way is to wire them to your Hi-beam headlight wiring in the headlight loom. This is how most driving lights are connected and saves a lot of time. If they are connected straight to the Headlights, Two more lights put a strain on the fuse handling headlight and taillight power. If that fuse blows you lose everything. Headlight, driving lights, etc. etc..... Some just put in a bigger fuse but that isn't a solution, it's a bandaid.

The "Best" way to wire your new lights is to their own circuit. That way if anything goes wrong, like you blow a fuse, you always have some light in front. This only requires a 12 volt relay and a bit of wire.

The circuit:
Battery + to the 30 post of a 12v relay (available at any automotive place) the other side of the relay (87) to both of your lights. Route the wire right along with the original harness using zip ties. Suggest 14 or 16 Gauge. Overkill maybe but what the heck. You'll want to put a 10 amp fuse in this line if you are running anything higher than 35 watt bulbs.

You still have two posts on the relay. One (85) goes to ground. Anywhere on the body of the car ( e.g. I use the Bolt that I mounted the relay to the body of the car). From the remaining post (86) run a wire, you can use 20 gauge or maybe smaller for this, and tap the wire into the Hi-Beam wiring in the headlight loom.

A fuse in this line is also recommended. Try to keep this wiring neat as to keep a factory appearance.

That is so the Driving Lights will go on when you turn your headlights onto Hi-Beam.

Hope you all enjoyed reading.

Here is a pic of where the wires go for a little refference if needed.

How to wire up driving lights 2ut6flg

If you wanted to connect them to a switch. You simply do this:

Add a switch to you desired location.
1 side of the switch goes to post 86
the othe side of the switch goes to The Hi-Beam headlight wire in the headlight wiring loom

Here is a pic, so you get what i'm saying

How to wire up driving lights 27xotgm


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