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Chrisso's 1979 VB commodore!!!!!!!!!!

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51Chrisso's 1979 VB commodore!!!!!!!!!! - Page 3 Empty Re: Chrisso's 1979 VB commodore!!!!!!!!!! on Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:09 am

chrisso 82

chrisso 82
Hey guys sorry its been a while keen to get back on and start chatting again!!!!!

Work has been crazy lately so busy early starts and late finishes over it big time but the money is good!!!!!!!!!!
As for the VB its still sitting in the garage with a car cover over it..... I have been neglecting it the last couple of months!!!!!
I have been spending money on other things like Tattoos got my first 2 weeks ago and then another last week .... And yes it's ADDICTIVE ha ha ...... But its time to spend some money on the old VB will be posting some pics of goodies i will be purchasing soon.....

Once again I'm back to talk!!!!!!!!!!

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